Yoga Fun in Cebu

I know, I know. One might say that I jumped on the bandwagon, but to be honest…I’m starting to really like yoga. Not for the hype, not for the food (which is one highlight of doing yoga), not even for the company (sorry, friends! I don’t mean it that way) 🙂 I enjoy doing yoga because it builds balance, promotes good breathing and overall, it makes my body stronger. I see and feel the results as well. My abs feel tighter, my arms don’t feel as flabby, and I’m actually beginning to like the muscle pain aftermath. Goodness, have I become a masochist? Hmmm, or maybe I’m just dreaming all this.

Have I been doing yoga long? Nope! In the past two weeks, I have been going to yoga regularly (twice a week) with friends at Surya Nanda. I like that their schedule is not too late in the evening but late enough that you can still squeeze in a workout before it gets too dark. So far, I’ve tried Power Core twice (with different instructors), Aerobic Yoga and Yogalates.

I love that the instructors all have their own specific way of teaching and that they’re very open to helping you try out the moves. My personal favorite is Robert, who teachers Power Core on Wednesdays at 6:45. If you’re a first timer, no worries, he’s just the right person to get you to start your journey to yoga. But overall, the Surya Nanda instructors are really great in their own way! They dare you to concentrate, strive harder, and always get you to reach beyond your horizons.

Back in 2009, I had already tried Bikram Yoga in Manila, and sadly, I never really quite understood or appreciated yoga back then. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time or place. I can’t wait to go to more sessions and see what else is in store for me. Luckily, it seems that fate as brought me and yoga back together again.

For all my fellow yogis (I’m not so sure with this term, but it sounds fun!), here’s an illustration that we can all relate to. Har-har. Enjoy!



Surya Nanda Cebu is located at Unit 4 and 5A of the Advent Center, Acacia Street, Brgy. Kamputhaw.

For more information, you can visit their Facebook Page here.